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The Band
Ken cut his musical and performance teeth on the British pub circuit and brings a wide musical knowledge and a variety of styles to the DoubleDouble mix, from driving rhythm to a powerfully sweet blues slide.
Passion, intensity and a love of music translated into singing – this is Frank’s signature. A voice of power, of subtle expression and of flexibility that can bend those blue notes to capture the emotion and make you catch your breath... Art in all its forms has always been a need and an expression of her life. From early influences of funk and acid jazz to the blues, a passion she now wants to share with all music lovers everywhere.
Ken - Guitar Frank - Vocals
Double-Double - Band
a whole lot of rhythm and a double-shot of blues
Hazel cranks up the energy and turns up the heat to provide a solid bass groove. Having developed a "Sugar-Coated Love" for the blues in its many forms, Hazel swapped her dance shoes for the bass guitar. She is at home on stage: you can tell this girl has just as much fun performing as you will listening and watching the show.

Jeff, originally from the east coast, grew up with music in the house and first got hooked on the Blues from the album "Hard Again" by Muddy Waters. His love for music never ended and he has played in many bands in the Ottawa and Kingston area. Jeff's love is the primal back-beat of drums and getting the audience up dancing.


Hazel - Bass Guitar Jeff - Drums

info: Ken or Hazel at 613-749-4434